Business Tools & Best Practices for Collegiate Retailing Excellence
That’s the CRA

The Collegiate Retail Alliance (formerly the Retail Alliance) is a business coalition of independent college stores that have joined together to develop and deploy the industry’s best practices in order to better serve their customers and deliver more value to their colleges and universities.

How the CRA Helps Member Stores Compete and Serve

The CRA offers competitive advantages to independent college stores that were previously available only to large chain operations.  Member stores enjoy the advantages of combining their size, expertise, and buying power to develop and deploy the industry’s best practices.


Members do more than share innovative ideas; they collaborate to find and implement practical, best-practice solutions to common problems and support each other’s efforts for the benefit of all.


Prism|rbs™, the retail management software system partially owned by the CRA and designed with member input, is a superior store management solution that integrates all store operations.


The CRA negotiates innovative partnerships with leading industry suppliers that result in the industry’s best terms and conditions and state-of-the-art processes.

The state-of-the-art store management solution created by and for college stores