What Members Say about the CRA

The CRA brings together what I consider to be some of the smartest people in our industry in a very focused way, to talk about the issues we’re facing and find creative solutions.”
--Debbie Harvie, University of British Columbia

“The CRA is unique. It’s the only organization in this industry that is focused on business processes, both internal processes and seeking best business practices.”
--John Turk, University of California, San Diego

“The CRA allows us to retain our independence as a college bookstore, but at the same time play in the big market, to pull together and get good discounts. It really helps us stay profitable.”
--Estella McCollum, University of Kansas

“What I really like about the CRA is the commitment piece. The Alliance is committed to the membership and the membership is committed to the Alliance. You are an integral part of a group dedicated to the constant improvement of things. In these times, being a bystander gets you nowhere.”
--Donald ‘Buz’ Moser, Wake Forest University

“What I value most is the collegiality, the networking that happens with stores that are like-minded, stores that are progressive.”
--Pamela Mills, University of Colorado-Boulder

“We’ve got some of the best minds in the business in the CRA. Being able to collaborate together, to strategize and put together a vision, and then talk to people outside the industry and inside the industry, to form partnerships and be a part of the new world is essential.”
--Todd Summer, San Diego State University

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